CEO Message


 The roots of Matsumoto Trading Co. can be traced back to 1663, when our company began life as the pharmaceutical products wholesaler “Iwashiya” in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Since then, we have continued to challenge ourselves as a trading company both domestically and internationally, in order to respond to the changing needs and demands of our clients and the market. To do this, not only have we continued to provide cosmetics ingredients, but we have also entered the safety and efficacy study testing business and Food & Healthcare business.

 Even now, the demands of our clients are changing at an unprecedented pace. Such a situation demands the ability to gather accurate information, to discern “why this information is needed” and to exhibit the creativity required to formulate a concrete proposal. We believe that the importance our company places on the ability to manage information stems from our singular desire to provide added value and to contribute to the development of our clients and the market.

 Our corporate philosophies are “Respect for Humanity”, “Priority on Contribution”, “Focus on Ingenuity”, and “Improvement of Lifestyle Quality”. With the importance we place on providing information, guided by our corporate philosophies and together with the support of our employees, we aim to be a company that grows along with our clients.

CEO Message

 Matsumoto Trading Co. constantly strives to meet any and all challenges, adapting to changes in consumer demographics and preferences so that we may provide value to our clients over the next hundred years and beyond. Since our foundation, we have continued to change our business form and model in line with market requirements. “Change” is the core value of our company.

 We are now aiming to create further value as a specialized trading company. To accomplish this, we are changing our products and raw materials, together with the services and information we provide to our clients. In addition, through our network of overseas branches and affiliated companies, we will assist in business development over a wider area, particularly in countries with a high demand for cosmetics.

 Via these activities, we will continue to serve as a partner that meets the needs of our clients while adapting to changes in the business environment. Through the services that we provide to our clients, we will support the development of the industry under the spirit that ethics and profits are one and the same.