Safety Study Trust Services

Safety Study Trust Services

We provide safety study trust services as part of full-scale support to our clients in addition to the international trading and sales of cosmetic ingredients. We entrust studies to domestic and international GLP compliant test facilities, and contract research organizations (CRO), on behalf of your company. The data we provide covers safety assessment of ingredients, safety confirmation of final product, and efficacy evaluation.
These services allow us to contribute to the accelerated commercialization of your cosmetics and quasi drugs as well as to reduction of development costs. We are looking forward to serving you in the future.

Safety Study

We provide test items according to your purpose. We deliver reports with Japanese translation if the testing is conducted by our foreign partners.

Testing for application of quasi drugs and new cosmetic additives
We entrust studies to reliable test facilities in the USA and Japan, which have so experiences in the approval in Japan, and have them conduct safety tests in accordance with GLP based on guidelines for quasi drugs, then, submit the full-reports to you.

In-house guarantee testing for cosmetic ingredient and food suppliments
We provide the above tests at a very reasonable price as in-house data, keeping quality and following to the same guidelines. We can also deal with long-term toxicity studies of health foods. The test facility is a GLP pharmaceutical R&D laboratory that is established by the Taiwanese government and is currently operated by an FDA-accreditated CRO.

in vitro safety testing
We are able to introduce various alternative testing methods using cultured cells. Studies are conducted in the AFSSAPS GLP-certificated test facility based on OECD guidelines and French official methods.

Human safety testing
We provide a wide range of testing services covering from standard tests such as human patch tests, RIPT, and comedogenic tests, to home use tests including diagnosis by a dermatologist. We provide standard tests speedy, and arrange use tests at your request.

Efficacy Study

We provide a variety of testing methods from in vitro tests to clinical studies according to the phase of development of your product.

in vitro efficacy testing
We entrust efficacy tests using cultured cells to the French test facility.
The range of tests covers skin lightening, UV stress, antioxidation and anti-aging, among other aspects. We provide English reports with Japanese translation.

Human efficacy testing
We provide a customized study design that meets your requirements with a timetable and a cost.We are able to reach various effects with extensive measurement devices.

SPF/PFA measurement
We provide SPF/PFA measurements at any time based on the guidelines of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association. Moreover, we are able to deal with measurements based on foreign guidelines in our partnership facilities in the USA and France