International Business

Business transaction among multiple countries has been increasing year by year.
To meet both demands of Japanese and international customers, we operate branch offices in Asian countries.
We continue to expedite local logistics and introduce various attractive ingredients, developed in Japan, Asia and other countries.

Building the Global Logistics for Cosmetics Ingredients

From Japan to Asia, and From Asia to Japan

With our international network, we find new ingredients not only from Japan but also from the world, and introduce them to customers. In addition, we contribute to our customer’s development with prompt delivering system.

Here are the main differentiated points of our expansion in Asia.

Search new Japanese, Asian and other countries’ ingredients.

Delivering bases in Asian countries

処方提案体制アジアProvide formulation proposals which meet with each country’s demand.

Our branch offices (China, Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh)

We provide appropriate ingredients or formulation proposals to customers based on the latest information of inbound and demand of emerging markets, collected from our branch offices. In addition, we propose up-to-date information about Japanese market trend to the customers abroad.

Overseas Agencies

We globally support customers’ development with our networks covering both East Asia, and all regions of ASEAN.

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