What is Open Labo?

In Open Lab, product development can be done consistently, from original formulation development to make the utmost use of the features of ingredients to testing to assess formulation efficacy. Various prototypes, physical measuring instruments, and assessment instruments are available in the laboratory to help support each stage of development. For example, Open Lab supports trial production for formulation examination as well as technical training sessions. As a practical application of the assessment instruments, many of our business partners use the SPF analyzer and combing tester for free measurements in assessment testing, doing so even without coming to the facility. If you are interested in visiting, please feel free to contact the person in charge of sales orCustomer Solution (CS).

Visitors to Open Lab

Visiting customers can use Open Lab in diverse ways. The facility provides a productive space to customers, such as for the development of new products, efficacy confirmation testing in an environmentally controlled room, and formulation seminars conducted upon request.

Environmentally controlled room

We have prepared a room that has a constant temperature and humidity. In the room, skin assessment tests are conducted while perspiration and other conditions are controlled. Testing in this stable environment can minimize deviations in data. The following assessment instruments are installed in this room:


Open Lab Day

We hold seminars open to the public. People can casually participate in these half-day seminars.

Basic formulation seminar

This seminar covers the basics of formulation. The target audience is those who have worked at their companies for less than 3 years and those who are new to and inexperienced with formulation in their fields.

Seminar about lessons from the past

The hands-on formulation seminar is targeted at experienced, front-line researchers.

Individual seminars

We conduct customized training upon arrangement with a customer as requested (such as in the number of participants, time, and contents). Since the training is specific to one company, the training can focus on the company’s matters.

About our equipment for trial studies

Various equipment for trial studies is available in Open Lab. Trial studies in any of the categories of skin care, hair care, UV protection, and makeup can be done in our laboratory environment. The main equipment is described below.

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